Friday, August 13, 2010

First Time

My first time I was 8. Sam, Rick, Karen ( a girl from next door) and I were playing truth or dare. And it had to kind of work out with Sam and I and Rick and Karen. Started with kissing and licking and sucking on tits. Then the dare went to Sam and I have to have sex so we got on the couch and Sam started playing with my dick and got me in her. It 
didn't take long and I exploded. After that I would go over when no one was home and she would have me lay down on the couch or bed and she would lower herself to my face and have me lick her  and suck her alot she would cum and shake and and fall on my face and make me lick and suck her pussy more and more. And when I would spend the night with Rick we would play and I always ended up sucking him off. This went in for years. 

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