Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BlowJob Hypno Cumshots - Blowjob sex video - Tube8.com

BlowJob Hypno Cumshots - Blowjob sex video - Tube8.com

BlowJob Hypno Cumshots

BlowJob Hypno Cumshots

Kimberly's first gay experence.

I had been talking to these two guys for about a year. (Somewhere around 1998). We had talked about meeting but they where really not into the dressing thing. So we decided on me meeting them at there house on Friday afternoon. So I got there about 4. We sat around and talked watch some porn on the computer and TV. They askedif I would light a class of wine and I said sure. I must say I was bad nervous. I had never met anyone like that before. We drank a couple of classes of wine. Then things got interesting. They must have been putting something in my drink. I got all hot and horny. They could tell I was about right where they wanted me. John was about 5'9" with about 10"s of cock to boot and Rodney was alot small. Well John said you look hot why don't you take your shirt off and off it went well John got up and came over to where I was sitting and wiped out his cock and said you look like you might like to put this in your mouth. When I looked up all I could see was cock. As I opened my mouth to speak he stuck his cock in my mouth and told me to suck it. I did not know what to do on one hand I want to run away and on the other I did want to suck it. After a few seconds he grabes me by the sides of my head and made me suck him for a few minutes. He then graves me by the arm and lead me to the bed room. Where he told me to strip and i did. I was drunk horny and scared. He told me to get on the bed on all fours. Then I did he got in front of me and made me suck him some more. His dick was so big. Rodney was playing with my ass and fingering me. John said don't worry Rodney was not going to fuck me only he did the fucking and Rodney was a bottom. He made me suck him for a while. Then told me not to move. My dick was rock hard  and John told Rodney to lick my ass and make me get off. So Rodney licked my ass and tounged me. He then licked my balls and started sucking on them. It wasn't long and I was cumming. John came in with a bucket of ice and told Rodney to shove a few of them in my ass. Then he told him to put my balls in the bucket and get my dick as small as he could. Then John continued to face fuck me and I could feel my ball starting to hurt from the cold. Rodney told John he thought that was it. John handed him a ziptie and said make sure his balls are up in him and ziptie around his dick and sack that should keep him from getting hard again. Rodney did as he was told and my dick was so shriveled and small. John was face fucking me the whole time. He then told Rodney to come get him a BJ.  John pulled out of my mouth and my jaws hurt. John was giving my a drink through a straw. And told me it would help my mouth to stay wet. Rodney came around and stuck his cock in my mouth. And started moving his hips and fucking my face slowly. Then I felt something pushing on my ass and all I could think is how my jaws hurt. But it turned out to be a lubed up dildo and he starting fucking me with it telling me he had to open me up some so he wouldn't hurt me to bad when he fucks me. He went through 3 different sizes fucking me for about ten minutes with each. I felt him when he got behind me and layed his cock on my ass. He told Rodney to get all of the pillows and had me lay on them to free up my hands. He then grabed my hands and put them on my ass and said spread that ass as he smacks me on the ass. I was so scared and excited. I locked my fingers on my ass cheeks and pulled. John said good and wide I think you really want this with that he put he head of his lubed cock on my hole and started pushing slowly. It hurt so bad and Rodney had pulled his cock out of my mouth and started making me drink. He got more and more of his cock in me at about 3/4 of the way he started pulling out and back in. Then to fucking me hard with all that he could get in. I heard him tell Rodney to get his cell phone. John got the phone and Rodney went back to face fucking me. As he looks at me and ask how did I like it so far. John called a few friends and told them about me. About the time he hung up rodney grabed my arms and folded them behind me and with two zipties i was there. Traped. John still fucking me. John got ready to cum he was fucking me hard. I felt him cum and he pulled out and came more all over my back. I heard voices when I hear someone so wow cute little ass. John said don't forget tight. The guy said is it my turn? John said yes you can fuck her. With that the guy got behind me and started fucking me. I don't know how many guys I fuck and sucked or how many times. But I spent till Sunday afternoon being a sex toy. I do remember being taken to the shower and made to suck someone off in the shower. I did stay under their control the whole time.


I have a huge shoe fetish.

Shoe Fetish

I have a huge shoe fetish. Mostly for high heels. the higher the better. I live the way they look on me and the way they make my butt shake when I walk. I love to walk around in them by taking small steps just like any girl would walk.

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Time

My first time I was 8. Sam, Rick, Karen ( a girl from next door) and I were playing truth or dare. And it had to kind of work out with Sam and I and Rick and Karen. Started with kissing and licking and sucking on tits. Then the dare went to Sam and I have to have sex so we got on the couch and Sam started playing with my dick and got me in her. It 
didn't take long and I exploded. After that I would go over when no one was home and she would have me lay down on the couch or bed and she would lower herself to my face and have me lick her  and suck her alot she would cum and shake and and fall on my face and make me lick and suck her pussy more and more. And when I would spend the night with Rick we would play and I always ended up sucking him off. This went in for years. 

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High Heels